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Snowy Mountains Cookies - How it happened...

Daisy Oayda is the creator, heart and soul behind Snowy Mountains Cookies and supported by partner Nolen Oayda, the couple have established a fast growing regional business. Daisy said, "I believe starting and running a business like Snowy Mountains Cookies, which prides itself on its location base and name, is easier in a regional town like Jindabyne thanks to the support and genuine interest shown from local business and community, which is something that probably wouldn't happen in a big city."

Daisy and Nolen both grew up in Sydney but moved to the Snowy Mountains after high school – 20 odd years ago! They have travelled the world as professional skiers and photojournalists. Nolen is a former Australian freestyle ski team member and national coach who won two Europa Cup gold medals during his skiing career and has most recently been running his own events, marketing & business consultancy company, Zest Productions with Daisy, who also worked with Nolen as a ski action model during a ten year stint of travelling the world as photojournalists. The proud parents of two young daughters, the baking industry is now a major part of their day-to-day lives in the alpine town of Jindabyne, NSW.

"Snowy Mountains Cookies was totally my wife's idea," Nolen explained. "When we used to ski a lot overseas we would always eat a lot of cookies in Canada and North America and we decided making them was worth looking into because we couldn't find anything quite like them over here. Daisy came up with all the recipes."

"We bake in what is arguably Australia's highest bake house at 1020m above sea level. It is a purpose-built commercial kitchen in Jindabyne which we created from scratch. We use an iconic location in Australia as our brand name which is important to us as it reflects a strong image of the clean, fresh and natural environment that not only encompasses the location in which the cookies are baked but is also a true reflection of our all-natural cookies."