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Free Range EggsSnowy Mountains Cookies specialises in the art of making real, honest  and delicious cookies and the best way to do this is to use quality and wholesome ingredients. 

We use:

  • Large chunks of quality couverture chocolate - avoiding compound chocolate-buttons!
  • Free-range eggs
  • Real butter, rather than margarine -'keeping it natural by keeping it simple'
  • Made without artificial colours and flavour or preservatives
  • A plentiful measure of key ingredients like chocolate, fruit and nuts in each cookie



Snowy Mountains Cookies has been recognised nationally as a ‘good egg,’ today being awarded an RSPCA Good Egg Award.

The RSPCA Good Egg Awards recognise major companies that make the switch to cage-free eggs.

“Snowy Mountains Cookies has shown great leadership in their industry and we’d like to recognise them for their commitment to animal welfare,” said RSPCA Australia CEO, Heather Neil.

“They can be proud that they are making a positive impact on the life of layer hens and setting the standard for others.”

Since launching their business in 2006, Nolen and Daisy Oayda have always maintained a high standard for their cookies.

“We didn’t ever think about using cage eggs in our cookies. We have always used free-range eggs ourselves and wouldn’t entertain the idea of using eggs from birds that had to spend their lives in cages when there are great alternatives readily available,” Nolen Oayda said.

Snowy Mountains Cookies believe that quality and wholesome ingredients are essential to produce a real, honest and delicious tasting cookie.

“We are proud to let our customers know that we are committed to using the best ingredients like free range eggs, couverture chocolate and real butter” Said Nolen Oayda

“We have always received positive feedback for using free-range eggs and winning the RSPCA’s Good Egg Award is not only a huge honour, it also confirms that we’re doing the right thing.”

The Good Egg Award began in the UK with international award winners including McDonalds UK, Subway and Sainsburys supermarkets.

“International winners tell us that receiving a Good Egg Award and helping to get hens out of cages has made good business sense. It has also boosted staff morale, improved brand image and reputation, and benefited their bottom line,” Ms Neil said.

“If you’re in the food service industry and have made the switch or are looking to make the switch to cage-free eggs then contact the RSPCA about applying for a Good Egg Award in 2011 – every egg you serve makes a difference to hens and your efforts should be celebrated.”


Elkie Stuart - Communications Officer

RSPCA Australia